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Why spend time searching for that air fryer recipe when there is the best compilation of easy air fryer recipes at your fingertips right here at Our Zesty Life?

There are so many culinary possibilities with the air fryer from desserts to main dishes and appetizers. An air fryer is a handy appliance that makes crispy and golden food. Healthy and easy to do, this appliance has revolutionized the preparation of food.

Make asparagus, or green beans as side dishes or appetizers. Or prepare a main dish of air fryer chicken breast or air fryer buttermilk fried chicken for dinner. And then top off the meal with some easy air fryer cookies or air fryer blueberry cheesecake wontons

Best Air Fryer Tips

There are a few tips and tricks with the air fryer that will ensure that every recipe turns out a success.

The first rule is to give the food space. Air fryers cook by circulating warm air. If the food has some space the warm air will move around it, giving it that crispy texture, and golden color that the air fryer is known for.

The second tip is to flip or shake halfway through the cooking process. This will also ensure that the air has a chance to cook all sides of the food.

Some other small tips include preheating the air fryer and spraying the food with a little oil for best results!

Need a few suggestions for dinner tonight?  Why not try some of our top recipes, these would include air fryer shake and bake chicken, air fryer corn ribs, and air fryer shake n bake pork chops. These quick and easy these meals are sure to be a hit!

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