Side Dishes

There are so many good reasons to have a robust collection of side dish recipes.

Side dishes are not just fillers on the plate, they are what add pizzaz, to the main dish. They can add color to the final plate, and they should, if chosen properly, enhance and/or complement the flavors of the main dish.

Favorite Side Dish Recipes

Some of the best side dishes include air fryer baked potatoes, roasted acorn squash, honey cornbread muffins, and baked corn ribs.

But don’t hesitate to dig and try some other favorite side dish recipes like healthy oven roasted asparagus, rosemary potatoes, or sauteed broccolini.

How to Make Multiple Sides

Most dinners include more than one side dish, so it is best to plan ahead.

If the oven is being used for one dish, then choose a side that can be made on the stove, in the instant pot, air fryer, crockpot, or a homemade salad that requires no cooking at all.

If the main dish is a little more complicated and takes some time, then choose a side that is quick and easy to make.

So whether a casserole, a roast, or a turkey is planned for dinner there is bound to be a recipe here that will fit the bill. The trick is to keep it fresh and keep it simple!

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