Having a collection of some of the best recipes is a great way to keep the weekly meals from breakfast to dinner varied and exciting.

Here at Our Zesty Life the dishes range from the easy like this recipe of air fryer chicken breasts to the more complex like smoked leg of lamb cooked on the pellet grill. So whether you are entertaining a large group of people, having a small gathering with friends, or just looking for a quick weekday meal, we have you covered.

Our Favorite Recipes

For Stress-Free Cooking:

Nothing quite beats a homemade meal and sometimes looking for a recipe for dinner takes more time than it should. But why stress? Give this simple unstuffed cabbage roll casserole a try for a complete dinner in one. Or some chicken fajitas served with a side of homemade guacamole and restaurant style salsa.

And make breakfast a morning to remember with some pumpkin overnight oats, or sausage crescent rolls.

For Entertaining:

I love impressing guests with the appetizers that come at the beginning of the visit like this white bean hummus served with some easy crostini. And when they leave let them still be savoring the sugary goodness of a dark chocolate pecan pie or these no bake red velvet cake balls.

So, open the following pages and take a look. There is sure to be a recipe that will fit perfectly into your plans!

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