From slow-rising yeast bread to quick bread it won’t be hard to find an easy bread recipe that everyone will love. Baking is a simple art and with a few of the best bread recipes and some tips and tricks, it is so easy to master.

Tips for the Best Bread

There are a couple of tips to make homemade bread just like the local bakery.

Ever wonder how they managed to get that glossy shine on the loaf? It is so simple, just brush the bread with some egg wash.

Moist and soft bread can be achieved by weighing the flour or by properly measuring. If using measuring cups, don’t scoop but measure by adding the dry ingredients to the cup with a spoon. And be sure to level off with a knife.

Use fresh yeast for a slightly sweeter bread and a successful rising.

Another method to make sure that the bread is ready is to measure the cooked internal temperature of the bread using an oven-proof thermometer.

Some of our more popular recipes like honey cornbread muffins, pumpkin cornbread muffins, and banana corn muffins are sure to be just as popular in your household.

So whether you are trying your hand at some of our popular recipes, some sourdough scones, using a bread machine for some rolls, or making a loaf of moist banana bread they are sure to be so hard to resist, especially served warm from the oven.

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