Appetizers and Snacks

Having a plentiful collection of easy appetizer recipes is the best way to always be ready for entertaining.

So whether friends and family are dropping by, announced or unannounced, for dinner or just a casual visit over a glass of wine, impress them with your culinary skills and relaxed ability to entertain.

What is an Appetizer?

Appetizers usually fall into the category of finger foods, as they are often small, and don’t require utensils. They are also referred to as hors d’oeuvres and starters.

For evenings where a full meal is being served choose easy appetizer recipes like dillionaire veggie dip and serve with an assortment of vegetables. When no meal is being served there may be time to make something like wonton crisps or simple sourdough crackers with some hot artichoke or a homemade queso dip.

Assembling a charcuterie on a fancy tray or board, with an assortment of meats, cheeses, and something like these homemade jalapeno poppers is always a good choice and impressive too!

How Many Appetizers!

Calculating the number of appetizers that are needed for the evening depends on the number of people and the length of time that they will be staying. Prepare about 4-5 appetizers per person for the first hour. If they are staying longer than 2 hours, make another 2-4 per person.

The best thing about appetizers is that because they are so small they can also double as mid-afternoon snacks. They are usually quick and simple to make and will keep the next day. Spreads and dips, like Velveeta Rotel dip, restaurant-style salsa, and easy homemade guacamole are great for adding to sandwiches the next day.

So don’t fret the next time guests are on their way over. Our Zesty Life has you covered with a great assortment of appetizers to choose from!

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