Dips and Dressings

When cooking for company or just the family, make dips and dressings that they remember by trying some of these mouthwatering recipes.

Best Dip Recipes

A party needs friends, and the appetizer would be lonely without its side kick the dip in attendance.

Some are served cold this dillionaire veggie dip or this easy greek yogurt dip. These are so easy to prepare in advance and taste so good with layers of veggies on a platter. Or make some spicy or sweet buffalo chicken wings and have them ready for dipping into this simple sweet and sour sauce.

Others like this cheese velveeta rotel dip, hot spinach dip, and hot artichoke dip are warm and melted dips of wonder. Serve them in a fondue pot or a crock pot to keep them warm and ready. Add-in some shredded chicken or crab for a more robust dip. Serve these warm dips with tranches of bread,  easy crostini, or chips for a dippable experience that guests will rave over.

But be warned, dips are always popular and sometimes disappear quickly!

How Much to Make!

It may be a good idea to always make a little more than you expect. So plan to make ⅓  to ½ cup of dip per person. Plus dips are so good as leftovers, that it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra! Add them to salads as dressing, spread onto some crackers for a snack, or add them to that sandwich or wrap the next day. The hot dips can easily be warmed up in a pot on the stove.

Best Dressing Recipes

Now for the dressing! What would a salad be without a dressing! So dress it up!

Needing something creamy to go with those healthy greens? Try this vinaigrette caesar salad dressing recipe or this greek salad dressing. If something creamy and filling is needed for tonight’s meal, then try this ranch chicken salad.

But sometimes we need something a little lighter to accompany a heavier meal. That’s where that classic lemon vinaigrette, Italian dressing, or a basic balsamic and olive oil vinaigrette with some sweet honey step into the picture. Season with a sprinkling of dried herbs or fresh-cut herbs from the garden or give it a spicy kick by adding some radishes to the salad.

Since most dressings call for fresh garlic, remember that they will not keep for very long (2-3 days).  So all the more reason to eat your greens with every meal! You can’t let that dressing go to waste. Besides salads are oh so good when they are tossed with a delicious dressing.

Whether planning a party or just needing some ideas to top your salad, take a peek at some of our favorite dips and dressings for some inspiration!

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