Whether you are making a pasta salad for tomorrow’s BBQ or planning a formal meal for friends, sift through some of the best pasta recipes here at Our Zesty Life and you are sure to find what you need!

Must-Try Pasta Recipes

There is something so comforting about pasta. Filling, hearty, quick to make, and generally inexpensive, it is loved by everyone.

Whether it is served with the classic red marinara or turned into a hearty homemade creamy mac and cheese any pasta dish is bound to be welcomed at the table. Make it with meat or with a ton of fresh vegetables, sprinkle a little cheese on top, and dinner or lunch is made!

Because pasta is so mild tasting and comes in many shapes and sizes it is so easy to try something different. Although the simple spaghetti and meatballs is a classic, try something new like turkey tetrazzini, or parmesan orzo with basil.

Other favorite recipes are stuffed pasta shells, parmesan asparagus pasta, and air fryer pasta chips.

Best Pasta Cooking tips

Pasta expands when cooked. So judging how much to make can seem like a mystery. A general rule is that 2 ounces of dried pasta will make about 1 cup and would be the serving for one person.

A couple of other tips when cooking pasta, include adding a little salt to the water and saving a bit of the pasta water for thickening some of the creamy sauces.

The final tip – make enough for leftovers the next day! You can never go wrong with a quick and easy lunch the next day!

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