Everyone loves chicken for dinner, and with this collection of easy recipes with chicken, dinner will be a winner every time!

Air fryer shake and bake chicken, chicken divan, and crack chicken casserole are some of the most popular recipes. But don’t stop there, there are so many homemade recipes that are must try’s on our list!

Tips for Juicy Chicken

For the perfect chicken every time, be sure to follow the recipe since each cut of chicken should be cooked differently.

Always test the internal temperature with an oven-proof thermometer. Dark meat should read a temperature of 175°F and white meat should be at least 150°F.

Boneless chicken breasts have little fat content, are leaner, and should not be overcooked. Cook them quickly and fast.

Bone-in and cuts with the skin, like chicken thighs, have more fat and are richer in flavor. These are the best when they are cooked long and slow.

Best Ways to Use Leftovers

Nothing beats leftover chicken. It is a versatile protein that is so yummy tossed in a simple soup, like chicken taco soup, or turned into chicken fajitas.

So whether you are cooking that sweet chili oven-roasted chicken or crock pot honey garlic chicken there is bound to be something that everyone will love.

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