Do It Yourself

DIY recipes are a quick and easy way of adding a little extra flair and flavor to your meals.

Benefits of DIY Recipes

  • Making things from scratch means that there are fewer hard-to-pronounce or unknown ingredients in our food.
  • Salt, fat, and sugar content are also easier to control in homemade recipes.
  • It is also a handy skill to have when you unexpectedly run out of an ingredient!

Our Favorite Homemade Recipes

So while we love a delicious take-out meal and a night of cooking, instead of ordering out for pizza try making this homemade pizza dough or a greek pizza.

You can also save time and money by skipping the takeout for dessert! Whip up this easy copycat shamrock shake instead. It might surprise you with how simple they are to make at home!

So whether you are trying a homemade Grand Marnier for those mimosas, or one of the many spices and seasoning mixes like chili, taco, fajita, or bagel seasoning there is bound to be something that will perk up any meal and add your signature and flair to it!

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