Kid Friendly

Browse through this collection of kid-friendly recipes to find something for everyone, including the pickiest of eaters.

Best Kid-Friendly Meals

Training children in the kitchen may be a slow process in the beginning, but it reaps a multitude of rewards later on.

All the fun begins with a simple dessert like some M&M cookies, the classic chewy chocolate chip cookies, sushi candy, or easy pumpkin bars. But don’t stop with desserts.

Let them make their own healthy breakfast like this fun easy overnight oats with fruit (no cooking required!) or this delicious peanut butter banana oatmeal.

Have them help with the preparation of meals like dinner or lunch. When they are a little older they can measure out ingredients for dressings, dips, seasonings, and sauces.

For an after-school snack let them try their hands at these pumpkin energy balls or sausage crescent rolls. They are so easy to prepare!

They will love being part of the process and building memories in the kitchen are priceless!

Tips for Cooking with Kids

For the choosy child, there are sure to be simple recipes that they will like, depending on their aversions. With a wide variety of meat and vegetable recipes, from chicken to beef, you can start slowly, and introduce new foods gradually.

And often, letting them be part of the preparation process may just make them a little more adventurous with food!

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