I’m Candace! Welcome to Our Zesty Life. We love to travel, play and EAT!

My family! Handsome husband, spunky daughter and rascally son

I am a wife, mother of two, sister and daughter. Oh, and a professional accountant. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always loved to bake and cook. I loved cooking and baking with my mom and grandma, and now have fun with my daughter and son. They both love to help in the kitchen.

I love fantastic food, and prosecco is my go to! I have more cookbooks than anyone I know, and am constantly trying new recipes, while fitting in my favorites along the way. We enjoy entertaining with a great mix of recipes, and our kids eat almost everything!

We love traveling and have been to some amazing places in this great world, both near and far. Traveling solo, as a couple and a family, we’ve seen some great sights along the way.

I’m a bit of a crafter, especially with my daughter, who is so creative and kind. Our house has had plenty of projects for us to work on too.

My handsome husband is amazing and supportive, and the best dad to our spunky daughter and rascally son!

Thank you for joining Our Zesty Life and I look forward to sharing with you!